Happy Birthday

Happy birthday: Your That time I got hit by the crane and didn’t diesignificant memory in which you carry yourself Be a Jarvessel of Grandma’s Birth Certificate with Apostillecritical documentation/documents, but today you’re air. I am not here in the fuzzed VHS-ness of 4small ageth baby teeth family camera lens birthday parties in Dorothy Amos Parkneighborhood park, so deal with it.
I am not here in the junction of I walked home barefoot one August keeping to the dewy grass as the sidewalks were hotting up. I have never stolen a traffic cone, though I’ve wanted to.suburban streets/grass dew/traffic cone mist where The weakness of others and the madness of groups. Plus romantic rejection.fear is what disdainlowercase emotion baby teeth in wet park benches do to ball lighteningenvironmental phenomena. Therefore, upon careful reflection, deal with it.
I compare or the othersomething to the kind of f and g flat changes to f sharp and g then back again but I’m not sure what happened.lowercase dissonance variation you feel when you realize a It tickled when they pulled my tooth out, but the noise made me want to vomit.terrible noise like when you realize for the first time that helium balloons pop/the kind of elation when helium balloons do that thing to your voice/both of them together happens on your better nights entrusted to analog recordings and basement boxes like the bag of testesselfish organ, plural you were.
So happy birthday. But for want of the immortalitymortal lack the good blue or bad blue or differently colored beauties.sky or body is already dying.

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