Happy Birthday

Happy birthday: Your I said what I needed to say and lost that friendsignificant memory in which you carry yourself Be a Gemini two-person orbital vehiclevessel of medical insurance cardcritical documentation/documents, but today you’re air. I am not here in the fuzzed VHS-ness of ten monthssmall ageth baby teeth family camera lens birthday parties in Graham Parkneighborhood park, so deal with it.
I am not here in the junction of meadowlandsuburban streets/grass dew/traffic cone mist where being crushed by the ceiling in current body positionfear is what hopelowercase emotion baby teeth in wet park benches do to ball lightningenvironmental phenomena. Therefore, upon careful reflection, deal with it.
I compare ground wheatsomething to the kind of twelve hertzlowercase dissonance variation you feel when you realize a shhhhKAAANNNGKAAAAAANNNNNGterrible noise like when you realize for the first time that helium balloons pop/the kind of elation when helium balloons do that thing to your voice/both of them together happens on your better nights entrusted to analog recordings and basement boxes like the bag of taste budsselfish organ, plural you were.
So happy birthday. But for want of the mediocritymortal lack the tropospheresky or body is already dying.

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