Anomalous #1

Welcome to Anomalous. All around you is the first, brilliant, inaugural issue of what will be a quarterly multi-modal digital journal. The writing here is representative of what we're interested in. The writing here is not representative. The writing is funny, and strange, and challenging, and unsettling. It is not separated by genre.

We believe in variety. In the writing, and in the delivery system. You can use the next and previous buttons to navigate through the issue. You can listen to each author read each piece by clicking play at the top of the page. You can download the whole issue as a pdf, an mp3 or an ePub or Kindle file in exchange for tweeting or posting to your Facebook profile about how cool we are.

If you want to stay tuned for our next issue, you can give us your email address and we'll let you know when we start rolling it out. Or you can subscribe to our issue-preview podcast on iTunes.

We hardly slept last week we were so excited to show you to these wonderfully Anomalous writers.

Anomalous Press launched in March of 2011 as a non-profit press dedicated to the diffusion of writing in the forms it can take. Its backbone is an editorial collective from different backgrounds and geographies that keep an eye out for compelling projects that, in any number of ways, challenge expectations of what writing and reading should be.

At the time of its launch, Anomalous is an online publication, available in both visual and audio forms on various platforms. It has its sights set on publishing chapbooks, advancing audio forms and creation, and supporting all sorts of alternative realities of the near future.