Eventually Empty

Tedd Anderson

Artist Statement

The "Eventually Empty" series focus on a nearly empty universe. It exists within the belly of an unhappy beast. Hesitant all of it’s unending life, this beast is unsure of how or why it has this world within it. It did not choose to create it. And it is distraught. And thus, most things are strangely disparate yet interconnected within this world. Constellations act as maps to no where. Language acts as collage; words and phrases approximate meaning at best. Treasure has no value. Space is devoid of mass yet things feel too full. And limbs do nothing but hang. Yet the nothing is pervasive, drawing attention as a deep velvet black does.

The mind struggles to construct narratives out of seemingly interconnected items of information. We all work to map out our personality history. The construction is ceaseless. We are convincing ourselves of who we are with the entrance of each minute experience. These drawings represent yet another set of data points. What the viewer makes of the information is up to them. To one person, this universe could be full of wonder and resolve; to another, it is flat and empty.

Tedd Ivar Anderson graduated from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a BFA in Painting.  He currently works as a Conservation Technician for Duke University. When he is not rebinding books, he is approximating meaning through language and hatching a piece of paper with an ink pen in an obsessive manner.

More information at www.teddanderson.org