The Importance of Objects

Elizabeth Witte

As a way to separate. To break apart.
We don’t say “egg”—in the bowl—anymore.

How she said, “eating her curds and whey.”
And, “that’s the thin milky water, goodnight.”

Put to sleep with airs of nourished affection.
Attended to through object relation, the egg.

She said, “this is from the last dynasty.” And,
“don’t even breathe.” Another exhibition.

Dry your lung things. They’re cushions to
sit not spill upon. “Inhale.” Upholstered

inside foam filling—the factory manufacturer
and the distributor the where to buy more.

Dry your flowers so they won’t be asking
for watering. “The most beautiful petals ever.”

Elizabeth Witte lives/works in and around Somerville, Massachusetts. Recent work has been published or is forthcoming in Shampoo, Glitter Pony, and LIES/ISLE.