Outer Pradesh
by Nathaniel Mackey

His Days Go By The Way Her Years
by Ye Mimi, translated by Steve Bradbury

The Goliard Songs of Clamenç Llansana
translated and introduced by Kit Schluter

Mimi And Xavier Star In A Museum That Fits Entirely In Ones Pocket
by Becca Barniskis

The Continuing Adventures of Alice Spider
by Janis Freegard

An Introduction To Venantius Fortunatus For Schoolchildren Or Understanding The Medieval World Through Metonymy
by Mike Schorsch

The Everyday Maths
by Liat Berdugo

by Sarah Tourjee

by Eric Suchere, translated by Sanrda Doller

from Smedley's Guide To World Literature by Jonathan Levy Wainwright V, Age 15
by Askold Melnyczuk