One Makes of Noise a Ladder

Mathias Svalina

One makes of noise a ladder. One climbs through the hole of noise. Inside the hole of noise is the whole of noise. Every part contains its everything. The able men with their shooting percentages contain the bodies of all the boys they fucked when they were boys. The cavernous mouths of infants clog with tumors. Blue eyes on the radiator, brown eyes on the floor, every house contains one’s family, the size & shape of any possible house. One must only look in the garage to find all the mothers & fathers of the world lined up, patiently waiting to paint clouds in the nursery.

Mathias Svalina is the author of one book of prose, I Am A Very Productive Entrepreneur (Mud Luscious, 2011), & two books of poetry, Destruction Myth (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2009) & The Explosions (Subito, 2012). With Alisa Heinzman & Zachary Schomburg, he co-edits Octopus Books.