Andrew Cantrell

For much of the struggle how the beginning and the air may be a match with the victor and its shills until property-owners still the historian who has an epoch as one angel in the lacustrine sediment and sand of southeastern Wisconsin and for whom all others stare along an anywhere oak-lined and sodden with creek-beds but who by no other words can now be defined formally as the subjects which are historical and tailored to the life-work of the bluff and the single formation the useless formation.

Andrew Cantrell has recent work appearing or forthcoming in SPECS, Arsenic Lobster, Beecher's Magazine, Emergency INDEX, Heavy Feather Review, Posit, Lana Turner, Upstairs at Duroc, AlteredScale, Pocket Litter, and Otoliths. He lives in Chicago where he works as a union organizer, does things with words, and co-curates PSA Projects, an itinerant, experimental screening series. He recently completed a residency in Literary Arts at the Banff Centre.