How It's

Andrew Cantrell

Aged and high these and others as much as rock or as pinkish strata stripe the class struggle south and down from oak savannas in the north to sand or gravel deposited southwestward. See how they act and or as others act on the oak forests and creek formations of the new calendar. How there's present in width from a state highway southwestern and inland until it is reached by flowing ice a haven member from the Holy Hill material. How in red sediment and subsequently in oak forests and along the creeks lie formations of sand and others both forward and fine-grained. How we are an average only whereas the edge of the till is of massive origin. How exposed in the state of geological surveys some difference may be located in the sum total of this.

Andrew Cantrell has recent work appearing or forthcoming in SPECS, Arsenic Lobster, Beecher's Magazine, Emergency INDEX, Heavy Feather Review, Posit, Lana Turner, Upstairs at Duroc, AlteredScale, Pocket Litter, and Otoliths. He lives in Chicago where he works as a union organizer, does things with words, and co-curates PSA Projects, an itinerant, experimental screening series. He recently completed a residency in Literary Arts at the Banff Centre.