Mary Wilson

Sublingual Tom persuaded pain-free Tom to try an oral
indwelling or a best-route-to-the bed-pan kind of Tom

our Tom whose limbs raked sore and stiff, and Peri-persuaded
slow-release Tom of a three-day escalation or a three-day

dehydration where we find Tom nigh, at sunrise
on an earth stripped painfully of Tom as out the window

blinds a halo-Tom regards the light in-streaming through
a tube-injected day so mild and impermanent Tom observes

a day with properties of metal            although later
when the hand-grasped bed-rail Tom

declined the intravenous sun inflected orally
and white-round tablet Tom, some pains, indwelling, visceral

unknown Tom couldn’t breathe, not well but wet and guttural
Tom, the Tom of buckets clanking in his depths, the time-

release Tom thrown against his stones Tom was en route
by that time on the third day Tom

Mary Wilson earned her MFA in Poetry from Brown University and is working towards a PhD in English at the University of California, Berkeley. Her poems have appeared in Everyday Genius, Gobbet, Sun’s Skeleton, and (occasionally) her blog: