Flock Behaviors

Ian Hatcher

flock and i set down
flock and i settle down upon a tensile docking plain

flock and i revel in impact
                      limitlessly numbered negligibly weighted points

flock and i land side
                                 by side / proven efficiency of algorithm

flock and i assemble
                     new forms in flickering snowbanks above harbor mouth
                                      design praxis of rigging trapping yetis

                                            [ mammoth chips its tusk ]

                           we are a tube of marrow voiding
                                       in our bed rusty deposits / placidity of cancers
                                                           stagnant algae pool

                                       remnants of filmic growth
                                                     patterns of light on anchor bones

flock and i converge upon our feast
                     we've removed our names to eat

Ian Hatcher is an interdisciplinary artist working with text, code, sound, and the physical body. He has been the principal composer and accompanist for the Moving Architects dance company since 2008. He holds a BFA from SAIC and an MFA from Brown University, and presently lives in New York. Info & projects: http://clearblock.net.