Lungs Open Lungs Close

Asher Danziger

Lungs Open Lungs Close is an excerpt from the multi-modal book entitled "The Retelling" that combines sound, video, still imagery and text to bring forth the inner dialogue that accompanied me on a sixteen hundred mile bicycle journey from Chicago to the Florida Keys. By using new forms to create a world that is vast enough to become self-referential, a deepening engagement with the narrative becomes experiencable.

If you haven't already, click here to view Lungs Open Lungs Close.

Asher Danziger graduated from Columbia College with a BFA in photography in 2009 and has been performing and creating since. Recently he had a solo exhibition of writing, video and image at the Happy Collaborationists Gallery in Chicago, was the featured artist in a show at Climate Gallery in NYC, and was published in the online journal The New Everyday, which is an offshoot of the organization called The Future Of The Book.